Q&A with 25th Round Pick Jason Monti

Q&A with 25th Round Pick Jason Monti

Sacred Heart right-hander Jason Monti spoke to InsideTheDome over the weekend. Find out what pitch Monti is currently trying to improve, his strengths on the mound, what put him on the draft radar, and much more.

InsideTheDome: How did it feel when you saw your name on the screen?

Jason Monti:: Actually around the twenty-fifth round my computer decided to crash. So we didn't get to hear it, but we saw it on draft tracker and then they called me right after. It was a long sigh of relief.

InsideTheDome: Why do you think you will be an asset to the Blue Jays?

Jason Monti:: I'm just looking to go out there and compete, play my hardest and give my team a chance to win.

InsideTheDome: Can you talk a little bit about your repertoire on the mound, what pitches you throw and how hard.

Jason Monti:: My fastball is usually around 90-92, my slider around 70-79, the change up around 82-83, and my knuckle curve is around 80-81.

InsideTheDome: Which pitch do you consider your best?

Jason Monti:: My fastball, I can throw it at anytime at any count, and I'm usually able to put it where I want.

InsideTheDome: So is that a two or four seam fastball?

Jason Monti:: It's usually a four; I throw it better than the two.

InsideTheDome: What do you want to improve on most?

Jason Monti:: My change up. I finally just got a change up this year, and I've been working on that.

InsideTheDome: Is there any other part of your game you are looking to improve on either mentally or physically?

Jason Monti:: I just want to be able to compete everyday and move up threw the minors and hopefully be able to play in Toronto one day.

InsideTheDome: Who in the majors would you model yourself after?

Jason Monti:: One kid who graduated from my high school, Robbie Bell, (currently in Triple-A with the Orioles) in 1995 he was picked up and he made it to the show. Since then he's been up and down in the show, so he's been someone I look up to because it's a small town and he's someone who has been there before.

InsideTheDome: Did you anticipate being selected by the Blue Jays and in this round?

Jason Monti:: Yes, I got invited up to their pre-draft work out in Toronto, I couldn't make it, but I got the invitation along with 25 guys who were brought up. Then they saw me pitch in Florida which was a shut out win against Notre Dame which put me on the radar.

InsideTheDome: Are you going to accept the offer?

Jason Monti:: Yes. I'm leaving tomorrow to head down to the training facility in Dunedin and then after our physicals on Tuesday I'll sign.

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