Q&A with 4th Round Pick Brad Mills

Q&A with 4th Round Pick Brad Mills

After being selected last season by the Blue Jays in the 22nd round, Brad Mills heard his name again, but this time in the fourth round. InsideTheDome talked to Mills just minutes after he was drafted.

InsideTheDome: How does it feel to be a Blue Jay?

Bradley Mills: It's great. I couldn't be more excited.

InsideTheDome: Why do you think you will be an asset to the Blue Jays?

Bradley Mills: I showed up in high school and college with nothing special, but then I worked my way up to be noticed. I want to show how hard I worked.

InsideTheDome: You turned down a 22nd round draft pick by Toronto last year. Are you still satisfied with that decision and how much more developed are you now then you were then?

Bradley Mills: Yes my last year of college was invaluable to me, baseball wise. It was important to me to get my education. I turned it down mostly because of academics, but I developed as a baseball player as well.

InsideTheDome: Can you talk a little bit about your repertoire on the mound, what pitches you throw and how hard.

Bradley Mills: My fastball is usually around 87-89 mph but I can hit 92. I also have a curve ball I use as an out pitch. This year I gained command of my change up as well. My thing is pitch-ability, but I can move them around pretty well.

InsideTheDome: Scouting reports show you've struggled with going deep into games, do you feel that is true or that you have a handle on it?

Bradley Mills: It was more of a problem last year than this year. I wasn't commanding my fastball as well then and if you fall into deeper counts, you get yanked. So it's better but I'm always looking to improve.

InsideTheDome: Which pitch do you consider your best?

Bradley Mills: Last year it was my change up, and I was upset about that because I felt I had a good curve ball. Without a doubt now it's the curve.

InsideTheDome: What are you looking to improve on as you enter pro-ball?

Bradley Mills: Fastball command, located better, get it down in the zone consistently.

InsideTheDome: Who in the majors would you compare yourself to?

Bradley Mills: Mark Buehrle, of the Whitesox. He doesn't throw very hard, but has good command. I watch a lot of big league guys and try to learn from them.

InsideTheDome: Did you anticipate being selected by the Blue Jays and in this round?

Bradley Mills: My family and I had hunch it would be Toronto. I had a face to face meeting with the scouting director and that went really well. I've always had great communication with their organization.

InsideTheDome: Are you going to accept the offer?

Bradley Mills: Definitely.

InsideTheDome: When do you expect to sign?

Bradley Mills: Not sure, whenever negotiations settle, but hopefully soon I'm ready to play.

InsideTheDome: A big part of draft discussion is signability, what kind of signability do you think you have to the Blue Jays?

Bradley Mills: Being a senior, I have a high chance of signing. I told them I just want to be treated fairly. I'm getting my degree in civil engineering, so I think there was a concern that I would give up after a couple years try out that, but I assured I'm here for long run.

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