Wednesday's Postgame Quotebook (Lansing)

Wideman is 2-0 on the season

Selected quotes from Lansing's victory on Wednesday night.

Postgame Quotes from Aaron Wideman

Aaron Wideman improved to 2-0 on the season on Wednesday. He tossed five innings, allowing just one earned run, and eight hits. Wideman did walk three batters, and fanned two.

InsideTheDome: Tight strike zone tonight?

AJ Wideman: Not at all. That umpire was consistent all through the night. It was just up to me to hit that spot he was giving me. I have no complaints. I just hope I can do better next time.

InsideTheDome: You had a nice pickoff early in the game. Is that something you've been working on? If not then when did you develop it?

AJ Wideman: The pickoff for a left handed pitcher is something every organization tries to work on. I think every lefty has his own version of it. Tonight for some reason it worked for me and it worked for that guy and we got him out.

InsideTheDome: Overall how did you feel about your play tonight?

AJ Wideman: It was a battle, seemed like it was going up hill all game. Main thing is just to keep it one pitch at a time. Keep throwing quality pitches. Tonight I was fortunate enough that our manager left me in the game. He gave me an opportunity to get a win, and that's what happened and I thankful.

InsideTheDome: What pitch are you most looking to improving on?

AJ Wideman: My off speed. My first outing it was a lot better. It wasn't as good tonight, but my fastball placement was really good.

Postgame Quotes from Sean Shoffit

Sean Shoffit went 2-for-3 with two doubles and a run batted in. He also drew a walk to reach base three times. Shoffit was also robbed of a home run by the umpires, as they called it a double instead.

InsideTheDome: Talk about the umpires' decision to call your homerun a double.

Sean Shoffit: I thought for sure it was a homerun and everyone else did too. There are just some things you can't control and that's what the umpire's decision is. I thought for sure when they came together, one of them would make the call right. We checked the ball and everything, there are scratches all over it from hitting the chain link. I asked the umpire too, what kind of mark was on that ball? And he said it was all marked up and I was like come on man, how can you do that? I don't hit many homeruns, so when I hit it, I want it. But Gary backed me up, he didn't just let it go and that's what a good manager does.

Postgame Quotes from Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell went 2-for-5 with two runs scored and two doubles in the leadoff spot for Lansing Wednesday evening.

InsideTheDome: In the second inning they called an error on you that was changed later. What did you think about that play?

Scott Campbell: I go after every ball no matter where it is, I tried to get to it and it hopped up on me a little bit, for me it's a play I should be making at a high percentage. It's nice but at the same time, I don't really care, I want to get that guy out. It puts a little tick in your heart. It makes you want to do a little something more.

InsideTheDome: Do you think overturning errors has anything to do with fielding percentages preventing you guys from getting moved up?

Scott Campbell: I mean I hope not, because it shouldn't be up to someone up there (in the press box) whether or not I get moved up. Maybe they thought that play was a little too hard for me, and that's up to them, I just come to the field everyday and play.

InsideTheDome: You had two doubles and two runs tonight. Talk about your offensive play.

Scott Campbell: Well the first one was just leading the game off. I get two strikes on me and I go back to what I've always done when I have two strikes on me, and that is to look for something powerful and adjust everything else. I was lucky enough to have it go the other way. I just try to do what I do and it ticked off the line. The next at bat I noticed he was a little wild warming up that inning, so I thought I'm just going to look for my pitch and fortunately he threw me the one I was looking for and things worked out for me again. Recommended Stories

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