Prospect Pulse Part II Q&A with Travis Snider

Prospect Pulse Part II Q&A with Travis Snider

The second of a two-part interview series with outfielder Travis Snider.

InsideTheDome: You missed two weeks of spring training with an injury. What was your injury and what sort of things did you do to rehab during that time?

Travis Snider: I had a pulled or strained muscle in my back and it was from over rotating on a swing. I felt it in batting practice and then it started to nag at me during practice, so I went in for treatment. I tried to go outside the next day and play and I couldn't even get to early work outs. The trainers did a great job of speeding up the healing process with strength and conditioning, rehabbing and things like that. The Blue Jays organization was a big part in getting me back on the field as quickly as possible. For me, it was kind of a disappointment to miss two weeks of your first spring training. I came back and I felt that I hadn't missed too much of a step so to speak. It felt pretty good when I got back into the box. Next year for me hopefully I can stay healthy all the way through spring training and I don't have to worry about the little injuries.

InsideTheDome: With missing two weeks in spring training and with all of the down time you had early in the season with the cancelled games, do you feel you are still trying to find your swing and playing your way into game shape or are you where you feel you should be at this point?

Travis Snider: As of right now, I feel pretty comfortable in the box. I'm seeing pitches pretty well, but I'm still getting fooled on some off speed pitches. The last couple of games, my at bats with two strikes haven't been as good as some of my at bats earlier in the season. For me though it is early and we have had guys 1-through-9 picking us up though out the line up. I mean you can go 0-for-3 or 0-for-4 two days in a row and still get two wins, and that is really all you can ask for. For me it's just to go out there every day and try and contribute to the team and let the personal things take care of themself.

InsideTheDome: You have a pretty veteran club house here in Lansing with some of the guys having been here for a season or two. How do you feel you are fitting in being the young guy?

Travis Snider: I feel like I can go every day and not feel like being the young guy or being the first rounder, or whatever. There are so many great personalities in there. Anywhere from Brian Bormaster to some of the relief pitchers that I don't spend that much time with, but you know that there is a general level of respect through out the veterans and even the guys who are in their first full season. The biggest thing for this team this year is our camaraderie. Everyone sees eye to eye and I wouldn't say that we have one spoken leader, I would say that we have a lot of guys here who just go out and play the game the right way and we've got a great manager and a great staff below him and I think that we have some good pieces here. Hopefully we can just put them together and continue to win baseball games.

InsideTheDome: You have been bouncing between hitting third and fourth in the order so far this season and have been hitting in the line up around Josh Bell and Brian Pettway who like yourself also have some pretty good power. How do you feel having that kind of protection around you in the line up?

Travis Snider: It's nice to have the protection definitely. Brian (Pettway) and Josh (Bell) are both great hitters and there is unbelievable pop in both of their bats. It is exciting to watch then in batting practice because both of those guys will definitely give you a run for your money and even show you up which doesn't mean anything on the field when you go out and play, but it is nice to know that you have great hitters around you that are going to get you some better pitches and allow you to not have to worry about having the pressure to drive in every run or to get every hit. Not that I have ever felt that way in this organization but with two big sticks right before and after me or however Gary (Cathcart) throws the lineup out there every day. Ultimately it his decision on where we are going to hit but at the same time I think that we all feel pretty comfortable around each other and hopefully we can each continue to pick it up each day and just go out there and play.

InsideTheDome: What are some of the goals that you have established for this season?

Travis Snider: Obviously just to go out there and play the game hard and play the game the right way. The personal success is something that I can't say that I don't care about, but to me it is not the number one thing. I just want to go out there with out putting the pressure on myself to get moved up to Dunedin or to make it to Double-A by the end of the year. Obviously those thoughts are going to go through any guys head because that is the name of the game, but for me, as it was in Pulaski, it is just for me to go out there and have a good year and let the Blue Jays, Dick Scott and those guys that make the decisions, when they feel I'm ready or if I'm ready then they will make that decision. I feel comfortable with the staff and the organization that when ever they think that I'm ready, I'm going to go and that is all that I can ask for. Recommended Stories

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