Top Tools: Dunedin Blue Jays

Top Tools: Dunedin Blue Jays

Here is a look at the top pitching, offensive, and defensive tools from the Florida State League Dunedin Blue Jays as we crown players with titles such as "Best Raw Speed", "Deepest Repertoire", "Best Mechanics", and many more.

Offensive Honors:

Best Hitter for Average: Ryan Patterson – – Although he doesn't have the picture perfect swing, Patterson was still the most reliable hitter for Dunedin to hit for average. Patterson played in 84 games with Dunedin and batted .288 with 19 home runs and 69 runs batted in.

Best Hitter for Power: Ryan Patterson – – When he was drafted by Toronto last year the book on Patterson was a good hitter, but not a good power hitter. In 541 combined at bats this season with Dunedin and New Hampshire Patterson belted 25 home runs this season. This includes 6 home runs in just 49 at bats at the Double-A level.

Best Fastball Hitter: Ryan Patterson – – Ok, maybe we should rename this list the Ryan Patterson list. Scouts noted that the right-handed hitter feasted on fastballs this season and did most of his damage when pitchers threw him fastballs.

Best Plate Discipline: Dustin Majewski – – The outfielder split his time evenly between Double-A and Single-A this season, but for the purpose of this list, since he began the season with Dunedin, we'll look at him as a member of that club. In 221 at bats with Dunedin, the outfielder drew 49 walks, while striking out just 39 times. In 236 at bats with New Hampshire he walked 51 times while fanning 56.

Best Left-Handed Swing: Dustin Majewski – – The left-handed hitter receives his second award of the 2006 season. Majewski showed a fluent swing from the left hand side of the plate. He is a contact hitter, with a level swing, with power potential.

Best Right-Handed Swing: Eric Nielsen and Ryan Klosterman – – Many were split on this award and as a result we will give it as a tied. Both Nielsen and Klosterman swung the bat well from the right-hand side of the plate. Although both have some minor flaws in their swing, the good overcomes the bad.

Best Base Runner: Ryan Klosterman – – For the second consecutive season Klosterman showed his speed on the base paths. The 24-year-old stole a total of 26 bases this season, and was thrown out just three times. In 19 attempts with Dunedin, no catcher was able to throw out Klosterman.

Best Raw Speed: Ryan Klosterman – – Not only was Klosterman the best base stealer for Dunedin, but he was also the fastest runner.

Best Athlete: Chris Snavely – – Able to play two infield positions and the outfield, Snavely showed his versatility this season, and demonstrated his outstanding athletic ability.

Best Untapped Talent: Eric Nielsen and Aaron Mathews – – Another tough award to decide, we felt both players were deserving of this award. Both players were among the top 10 in the organization in batting average at the end of the season, batting .286 and .282 respectively.

Pitching Honors:

Deepest Repertoire: Eric Fowler – – Possessing a fastball, curveball, changeup, cutter and slider, Fowler had the deepest arsenal on the mound this season for Dunedin. His fastball is average, while his curveballs ranks amongst the best in the organization.

Best Fastball: Jesse Litsch – – Although he doesn't overpower hitters with his fastball, Litsch has an effective fastball because of how great his slider his. The combination of those two pitches, makes it extremely difficult to hit him.

Best Curveball: Eric Fowler – – We gave you a sneak peak of this winner earlier when we mentioned Fowler. The southpaw features one of the best curveballs in the organization, and is a pitch many feel is close to being major league ready.

Best Slider: Jesse Litsch – – Does it feel like we are rotating between Litsch and Fowler? As good as Fowler's fastball is, the slider from Litsch is that much more effective against opposing hitters.

Best Changeup: Justin James – Mainly a forgotten player in the organization, James has one of the best changeups in the organization.

Best Control: Jesse Litsch – – Not only does he have the best control from the Dunedin club, Litsch's command ranks in the top 3 of the entire Blue Jays organization. In 89 1/3 innings with Dunedin in 2006 he issued just 8 walks, while in 69 1/3 innings with Double-A New Hampshire he issued 13 walks.

Best Mechanics: Jesse Litsch – – Part of the reason Litsch has such outstanding command is because of his consistent and easy motion on the mound. Litsch has an effortless delivery which he repeats over and over again.

Highest Overall Potential: Jesse Litsch – – This was a tough award to give out, and while couple of pitchers deserved the honor, we really wanted to give it to a single pitcher. Litsch barely beats out the rest of the pitchers considered because of his young age, effective repertoire and command.

Defensive Honors

Best Defensive Outfielder: Dustin Majewski – – Although he does not a flashy outfielder, Majewski is taught well in fundamentals, and fairs well in all average of the outfield play.

Best Defensive Infielder: Ryan Klosterman – – The 24-year-old is a better shortstop than his stats might show. He has a good throwing arm from shortstop and covered lots of ground at the position, both to his right and left, as well north and south.

Best Outfield Range: Dustin Majewski – – Combining his speed with his good eye of tracking ball, Majewski gets good jumps often in the outfield, which enables him to cover a lot of ground.

Best Outfield Arm: Eric Nieslen – – Although this award could have gotten to several Dunedin outfielder, Nielsen exhibited the most consistent, accurate, and strongest throwing arm.

Best Infield Arm and Infield Range: Ryan Klosterman – Usually two separate categories, we combined it into one because Klosterman was the winner for both. Recommended Stories

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