Q&A with 15th Round Pick Seth Overbey

Q&A with 15th Round Pick Seth Overbey

Seth Overbey, the Blue Jays 15th Round Draft choice in the 2006 draft, and a side-arm throwing right-hander, sits down with InsideTheDome and talks to us about his pitching motion, what pitches he throws, and much more.

InsideTheDome: Seth, talk a little about you pitching motion and repertoire?

Seth Overbey: I dropped down a side-arm motion, low three-quarters, and throw mostly a fastball about 88-91 MPH, and a slider. I will mix in a changeup every so often.

InsideTheDome: How did you begin using the side-arm approach?

Seth Overbey: The last years it was a combination of side-arm and overhand and this year my coach told me switch my motion to side-arm completely, and I showed lots of success with it. So I remained with it. I feel I have better movement, better stuff and can actually throw harder at times.

InsideTheDome: Will you continue with the side-arm motion in professional baseball?

Seth Overbey: Yes, I plan to continue that motion with the Blue Jays.

InsideTheDome: Do you model your game after a certain pitcher?

Seth Overbey: I learned a lot from Steve Schmoll who was with the Dodgers for a while and is now in the Mets system. I played with him during my freshman year. We have kept in touch and I have learned a lot from him. He throws side-arm as well.

InsideTheDome: Did it come as a surprise to you that Toronto drafted you?

Seth Overbey: I wasn't really sure what team was going to draft me. I knew they were interested in me. I was invited to a pre-draft workout for them. I flew out there and felt I had a good workout in front of their front office and their scouts. Although I wasn't expecting any one team to pick me, I felt there was a good chance I was going to be drafted by them.

InsideTheDome: Did you have any expectation in terms of what round you would end up being drafted?

Seth Overbey: I wasn't really sure what round I was going to get drafted in. I had a pretty good idea I would go during the first day, but didn't know for sure what round.

InsideTheDome: What would you say is your biggest strength on the mound?

Seth Overbey: I would say my four-years in the ACC Conference helped me a lot. I got the experience that I believe I need to pitch in professional baseball under my belt and faced top competition each time I went out on the mound to pitch.

InsideTheDome: What aspect of your game would you like to improve on?

Seth Overbey: The mental aspect of the game is something that needs to holds up in professional baseball. You never know how you will react until you reach the minor leagues and struggle for the first time. You have to be tough enough to overcome the struggles and not let them get to you.

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