Q&A with 31st Round Pick Adam Rogers

Q&A with 31st Round Pick Adam Rogers

The Toronto Blue Jays drafted Adam Rogers in the 31st round of the 2006 draft out of Evansville University. Find out what Rogers had to say about his draft experience, himself as a pitcher, what he considers the strongest part of his game, and when he plans on signing his contract.

InsideTheDome: Adam, congratulations on being selected by Toronto. What did you expect heading into the draft?

Adam Rogers: I didn't really know what to expect. My coaches here at Evanville told me I would go between rounds 20-30, but when I saw a few of the other Missouri Valley guys go during Day 1 I thought there would be a chance I could go off the board then, but it didn't happen and am grateful the Blue Jays gave me an opportunity to play professional baseball, and hope to help out the organization.

InsideTheDome: Give the fans of the Jays a better idea of the type of pitcher you are?

Adam Rogers: I'm 6'5, 235 pounds. I feel like I am pretty durable. Including the summer I have thrown over 200 innings in each of the past two seasons. My fastball is normally in the upper 80s. I have touched 92 MPH but I am around 88-90 MPH most of the time. I also throw a slider and a changeup. I would say the changeup is my best pitch. I am working on a slider and it's getting better for me.

InsideTheDome: Do you model your mechanics off a certain pitcher?

Adam Rogers: I don't model my mechanics off one single person. I think I'm a bit similar to Kevin Millwood in the way he begins his mechanics with his hand motion. I'm a big guy but at the same time I don't throw mid 90s so I have to work on all my pitches to get guys out.

InsideTheDome: When do you expect to get your contract signed?

Adam Rogers: Yes, actually I talked with my area scout the other day. I understand I don't have much leverage as a senior, but I'm just looking for the opportunity to play in professional baseball. I'll fly down Saturday and I guess sign the contract when I get down there. I'm excited to begin the year with Auburn or Pulaski. I don't have any leverage to work with money wise, but that's fine with me. I'm just ready to get started.

InsideTheDome: What would you consider the strongest aspect of your game?

Adam Rogers: My competiveness is probably the strong aspect of my game. Whether it is baseball or golf, or anything else, I am pretty competitive. Even if a team gets a couple of runs early, I'm going to give it all I have.

InsideTheDome: Did you talk with the Jays before the draft?

Adam Rogers: I signed a questionnaire for the Jays, but I didn't really talk to any scouts in the organization, so in the sense, yes it did come as a bit of a surprise to me.

InsideTheDome: Did you expect to get drafted by the Blue Jays?

Adam Rogers: My coaches last year told me I could go between rounds 8-16, but obviously that didn't happen. I watched the first day of the draft last year and when I didn't hear my name I expected I would go undrafted. In the end I think it worked out. It gave me an opportunity to go back to school, and work on aspects of my game that did need to improve. I also got my degree, so in the end I think everything worked out for the better.

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