Q&A with 5th Round Pick Luke Hopkins

Hopkins was playing golf on Tuesday

With their third pick in the 2006 Draft the Toronto Blue Jays selected Luke Hopkins out of New Mexico State. Hopkins batted .403 this past-season with 16 home runs and 55 RBI. Hopkins sat down for a Q&A session with InsideTheDome after he was selected. Find out if the draft-eligible sophomore expects to sign a contract or return to college, what he was doing on draft day, and much more.

InsideTheDome: Luke, congratulations on being drafted. Tell us what were your first thoughts when you heard the Jays selected you?

Luke Hopkins: I was real excited. I went to Toronto and worked out for the club, met their entire staff and felt comfortable with them. Everyone is extremely nice in that organization. They are really nice people and I am excited to play for them.

InsideTheDome: Ok Luke, nearly ever player that gets drafted is sitting in his living room and listening to the draft and for his name. That was not the story with you. Please tell us what you were doing.

Luke Hopkins: [Laughing] I was playing golf.

InsideTheDome: Why were you playing golf during the biggest day of your life so far?

Luke Hopkins: [Continues laughter] Just so I didn't have to worry about the draft. It was a stressful process for me, and I have to tell you, playing golf is much better than sitting down and looking at a computer.

InsideTheDome: Did you expect the Jays to draft you?

Luke Hopkins: That's what I really thought. Originally that was what my advisor and I spoke about and I was really waiting for that. That was the team I wanted to go to all along.

InsideTheDome: Was there a specific reason you wanted the Jays to draft you?

Luke Hopkins: They have a great stadium first off all. However, they treated me with respect and dignity, and I really really, appreciated that. You don't always get that treatment and it was very nice for them to be like that. They really showed a lot of interest in me. They truly are a first class organization.

InsideTheDome: Was the fifth round the round you expected to go in?

Luke Hopkins: Actually, that was the exact round I thought I was going to be drafted in. I had several conversations with the Jays before the draft and I was expecting to go in round five.

InsideTheDome: Tell us a little more about yourself.

Luke Hopkins: I am a real humble guy. I just love to play the game. I can hit the ball well (laughing).

InsideTheDome: Yes, we have heard you can hit the ball pretty well

Luke Hopkins: [Laughing] Well, that's what I do best.

InsideTheDome: Is there any specific part of your game that you want to work on as you move into professional baseball?

Luke Hopkins: I don't look at anything specific. I'm the type of guy that works on everything to try and get as good as I can, no matter what. If there is one thing I do need to improve on its my arm, but I do play first so I don't know how important that is.

InsideTheDome: You are a draft eligible sophomore, and hold a bit more leverage than other players drafted. Do you expect to sign?

Luke Hopkins: I think so. That's the plan right now, and that was the plan all along. I think the Jays will make the right offer, do the right thing, and that's where I expect to go. I expect to sign a contract. Right now I'm thinking I will go.

InsideTheDome: Do you have a player that you model your game after?

Luke Hopkins: I have always liked Jim Thome.

InsideTheDome: Have you talked with the Blue Jays about where you would start off after signing?

Luke Hopkins: I would think it would the NY-Penn League, to tell you the truth. But we haven't discussed any of that yet.

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