Trade to Blue Jays a Blessing for Taubenheim

"The Jays organization is amazing"

Ty Taubenheim was considered a ‘throw-in' when he was traded to Toronto over the winter. A 19th round selection of the Brewers in the 2003 Draft, the 23-year-old has skyrocketed to Triple-A this season with Toronto, after making just 11 starts at the Double-A level in 2005. The trade to Toronto has been a career move for Taubenheim, who has labeled himself as a solid prospect, and is minor steps away from progressing to the Major Leagues.

Many players would use the fact as being considered a ‘throw-in' in a trade as a motivational factor. However, for Taubenheim, he was being realistic and decided to make the best with the change of scenery.

"As the throw-in, it really didn't bother me too much because I wasn't a huge prospect in any organization," Taubenheim told InsideTheDome reporter Ed Gonser. "However, the trade itself was awesome."

Taubenheim relished the change of organization and viewed it as a fresh beginning. He decided to work closely with the Blue Jays coaches and prove to them he could be counted on to be a productive prospect.

"The Blue Jays organization is amazing with the opportunities they have presented to me," the right-hander said. "They've been up front with me about everything. I love it, it's great."

Taubenheim never really got the chance to be on the radar despite pitching well at every level. After being drafted he went 6-1 with a 2.15 ERA in the Rookie Pioneer League. In 2004 he went 5-3 with a 3.61 ERA with Beloit of the Midwest League. Last season was his first as a starter and after going 10-2 with a 2.63 ERA in the Florida State League, the right-hander went 2-6 with a 4.36 ERA with Huntsville.

The knock of Taubenheim was his effectiveness pitching against left-handed batters. In the Florida State League they batted .258 off him, while right-handers hit just .201 off him. As he moved to Double-A left-handers hit .323 off him, while right-handers batted just .230. This year has been the complete opposite. Left-handed batters are hitting just .167 (5-30) after the first month of the season. Taubenheim has allowed just five runs in thirty innings, and that is after an outstanding spring training in which he pitched six scoreless innings for Toronto. Despite the success, he is not settling for it, and wants more.

"I still need to work on my mechanics," said Taubenheim. "I need to slow down a little. I get ahead of myself at times. I rush a little. Besides that I just need to keep doing what I'm doing."

Taubenheim couldn't stop talking about the coaching staff that has tutored him in his couple of months with the Blue Jays. He has talked to and worked with most of the major league coaches, and minor league staff, and has enjoyed every minute of it.

"The staff here is great. You feel you can go up to anybody and talk to them. You're not afraid to talk to someone or ask them a question because you know they will help you."

"I was there with Arnie [Brad Arnsberg], Gibby [John Gibbons] in spring training and they were awesome. Mike Basso, Rick Langford and Dwayne Murphy has been outstanding with me as well."

"Rick Langford [Syracuse Pitching Coach] is great. He is calm and there to help you with anything. When talking with Rick you get a sense of the true professional that he really it. When you ask a question he will answer it the best he can, and normally the answers are better than anybody I ever met."

Although he worked with Arnsberg in spring training Taubenheim is looking forward to working with him again, but this time in Toronto.

"He's awesome, and he works his butt off," said Taubenheim about the Jays pitching coach. "He'll help you with anything. You're able to go to him with anything and every time he doesn't give you criticism. It's always something positive. It's something to work on, and make yourself better. He never makes you feel like you're doing something wrong."

Taubenheim expects to makes it to the Major League if he continues performing the way he is. His belief comes from the trust he has in the organization, despite just being in it for several months.

"I expect to reach the Majors," he said. "If I keep throwing it well and doing what I'm doing then they'll [Blue Jays] give me a chance. I have full confidence in myself that I can go up there and succeed. I can go up there, pitch, and have success, and do what I need to do to help them out at the major league level." Recommended Stories

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