Home Run Derby: Adam Lind vs. Albert Pujols

Pujols: "Lind Has a Bright Future"

Last week, Adam Lind had one of his most memorable baseball moments in his life. He went head to head against Albert Pujols in a home run derby. Although Lind lost to Pujols in the finals, the experience at the South Alabama Hall of Fame Game was priceless. Lind out-slugged Ryan Mulhern, Luis Gonzalez and Marlon Anderson, on his way to facing Pujols. InsideTheDome talks with Adam about the entire event, and the things Pujols told him that day.

The site was South Alabama's Hall of Fame Game, in which former stars of the school played the current squad of South Alabama. However, as Adam Lind himself described it, the bread and butter of the weekend was the home run derby, and not the actual game.

Lind participated in both the game, and the home run derby, but after going toe-to-toe with Albert Pujols in the home run derby, that was the only thing he wanted to talk about.

"I played in both the home run derby and the actual game," Lind said after going 1-for-4 in the game. "However, after the home run derby I didn't really care about the game. My main focus was the derby."

Lind had to win a preliminary round, in which he faced several current minor leaguers, including Ryan Mulhern, the all-time home run leader at South Alabama. That round was held during batting practice. Lind defined the odds, and was the winner of that group, to the surprise of the crowd.

"Not many expected me to participate in the home run derby because I was up against Ryan [Mulhern]," Lind said. "Even my former coach was surprised I beat him."

The opposition didn't get easier for Lind, as he faced steep competition the next round, facing Luis Gonzalez. Lind did not back down from the challenge, and he showed it with the bat. Lind belted a total of eight home runs in the first round. The highlight came with five outs to his record, as he belted four consecutive home runs, a feat that he will remember for a long time. Two outs later, Lind hit three more moon shots in a row.

The left-handed batter did not get a chance to rest, and had to advance to the finals immediately and face Albert Pujols. After hitting a home run the first pitch he saw, Lind believed it would be a good round for him, however, he ran out of gas, and hit just one more home run that round.

"I just ran out of gas," Lind said. "I never realized that home run derby's were so exhausting."

If you think the fans were cheering for Lind, the underdog of the derby, think again.

"The fans paid to see Albert Pujols, Luis Gonzalez and Ryan Mulhern win," Lind said. "There weren't many happy people when I first beat Ryan, and then when I defeated Luis, I know I made the derby very boring for them."

"I hope I put on a good show for them with those consecutive home runs I hit. Albert was just too strong and powerful for me."

Lind did not leave the event without trying to pick the brain of the Cardinals superstar.

"I did talk to Albert, but he was pretty quiet," said Lind. "He did tell me I had a bright future, and that was nice to hear from him."

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