Looking Back at the 2004 Draft: Part 2

Looking Back at the 2004 Draft: Part 2

In Part 2 of our recap of the 2004 draft, InsideTheDome.com takes a look back at the next ten rounds of the 2004 Major League Baseball Draft, and analyze the ten prospects the Blue Jays selected in those ten rounds, while talking a little about what we believe their future will hold.

Cory Patton : OF - Texas A&M University

Patton was selected in the 6th Round by the Toronto Blue Jays making him the 177th overall selection in the draft. He did not sign early enough to participate in the 2004 season, and it is unknown how the Jays will approach his status for 2005. Patton will need to have an impressive spring training to have the chance to begin the year at Dunedin. He capped off a powerful career at Texas A&M in 2004 as he batted .326 with eleven home runs and sixty-seven RBI.

Randy Dicken : RHP - Shippensburgh University

Dicken was the 7th Round selection of the Jays and signed on June 16 for a signing bonus of $115,000. Like many of the 2004 draft selections, he was sent to Auburn, and pitched out of the bullpen. Dicken struggled slightly throwing the ball over the plate, and could repeat Auburn in 2005.

Chip Cannon : 1B - The Citadel

Cannon was the Blue Jays 8th Round selection and the 237th overall selection in the draft. He signed on June 16 for a signing bonus of $25,000, and immediately took his heavy hitting lumber to Auburn, where he belted ten home runs and drove in forty-one runs. Cannon profiles nicely to be a first baseman, as he does have the power in his bat to play a corner infield position. One thing that Cannon showed in college but not in professional baseball in 2004 was his ability to draw a walk. Cannon had a very respectable collegiate on-base percentage, and if he can duplicate that with the Jays organization, he will have a solid future ahead of him. We don't see why Cannon would not join a full-season team out of spring training, and if he does not begin at Dunedin, we feel he will spend some time there by years end.

Joey Metropoulos - 1B - University of South California

Metropoulos was the Jays 9th round selection in the draft, and was sent to play for Auburn after he agreed to a $75,000 signing bonus on June 16. First base is a position the Jays are filled with in the low level of the minors, however, Joey is one of the players the organization likes, and with his power potential, you could be sure finding a position for him won't be a problem. Metropoulos will begin the 2005 season at the full-season level.

Brian Hall : 2B – Stanford University

Hall was selected by the Jays in the 10th round of the 2004 draft, and signed on June 16. The polished second baseman, performed above expectations offensively. Defensively he showed his tremendous fielding ability, and a second baseman with power potential is a plus for the Jays to have in their system. Hall could begin the 2005 season at Lansing or Dunedin, depending on how the numbers game works out. Either way, he is a prospect on the rise and will carry momentum for himself into 2005.

Kristian Bell : RHP - Blinn Community College

Bell came from the small Blinn Community College in Texas, and struggled in his first professional season at Auburn, after the Jays selected him in the 11th round of the draft. Bell will probably begin the 2005 campaign at extended spring training, and join Auburn in the summer. Right now we can not make a fair assessment on the status of his future, however, one this is certain and that is Bell needs to pitch much more effectively in 2005, and having command of his pitches will go a long way in accomplising that.

Eric Nielsen : OF - UNLV

Nielsen played well for Auburn, after a spectacular 2004 season at UNLV, which enabled the Jays to select him in the 12th round of the draft. Nielsen is an outfielder with plus power, however, he has never faced any serious competition, and will need to be challenged to really prove himself.

Kyle Yates : RHP – University of Texas

Yates was the Jays 13th round selection in the 2004 draft, however, did not perform up to expectations during his short stint at Auburn. Although it was a relatively short sample with just nine innings of work, Yates showed his inability to throw the ball over the plate. It would be unfair to say that Yates will repeat Auburn in 2005 based on his nine innings of work in 2004, and his spring training will determine if he begins playing meaningful games in April, or if he is sent to extended spring training until June.

Jordan Timm : LHP - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

The Blue Jays selected Timm in the 14th round of the 2004 draft out of the small Wisconsin school, and had a pleasant debut as a professional. He began the year at Pulaski, however, was sent up to Auburn, as he maintained his performance. Timm should have earned his diploma out of the short-season leagues, and should be pitching for Lansing come April.

Michael MacDonald : RHP - University of Maine

MacDonald, was the steal of the draft from the Jays standpoint. Selected in the 15th round, MacDonald pitched spectacular as he earned a ticket from Auburn to Charleston, and has set up his future to be a bright one. MacDonald exemplified tremendous control as a professional which shows he is a mature and polished pitcher. There is no reason why he should not begin the 2005 season at Dunedin, and he is a pitcher we are extremely high on as we will monitor him closely in 2005.

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