Scouting Q&A on New SS Andrew Romine

Romine comes to the Tigers from the Angels

With the recent acquisition of shortstop Andrew Romine from the Los Angeles Angels, TigsTown checked in with Inside the Halos publisher Taylor Ward to get his perspective on Romine.

How good is Romine's defense?

Taylor Ward: Andrew Romine is just as sound defensively as Jose Iglesias. He isn't going to make flashy plays, but instead is flawless in every movement in action. Possibly one of the most graceful infielders defensively I've seen who will make nearly no mistakes.

Is he the type of player whose defense makes up for a lack of offense?

TW: Yes, Romine's defense is nearly unmatchable. His bat will improve, not by a lot but steadily. He will most likely be a lifetime .250/.260 guy even with more opportunities. You could compare him to a John McDonald player with a more well established plate presence.

Why do you think the Angels were willing to trade him?

TW: Depth was an issue for the Angels. John McDonald, Grant Green, Luis Jimenez... every position had a backup already and the Angels needed to make not only space for these players, but also needed to improve upon pitching (left-handed particularly in the new AL West).

If given most/every day at-bats, what do you think he could produce offensively?

TW: Romine is capable of batting .260. The problem with his bat is he is not a gap hitter and has less than warning track power. You can expect maybe 3 bombs, 15 doubles, and 5 triples due to his lack of power. Speed is fine, right about above average for a middle-infielder. Expecting a back of the order guy who will hit around .250-.260 in first full season of play if given the opportunity. Walks have improved so should sit right around .300 with OBP.

Have you seen growth in his game over the past few seasons?

TW: His bat has improved year-to-year. His glove has been excellent since he was drafted and has become better. He used to be a guy who didn't walk much but has become a much more patient player. Contact has improved and bat speed has picked up which at least has allowed him to pull and place the ball better.

Also, here's what TigsTown's Director of Scouting Mark Anderson has heard from the scouting community on Romine:

TigsTown would like to thank Taylor for taking the time to answer our questions. For all the latest Angels news, be sure to visit Inside The Halos! Recommended Stories

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